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ADLER: Adorned with the most colorful feathers

The world of ADLER is colorful: The Tyrolean paint factory stretches her wings now in many countries. And the most beautiful "feathers" are the local ADLER partner who recently met at a colorful "family celebration" in Schwaz: 42 guests from 13 different countries came together to exchange information, knowledge and even to the Tyrolean "Olympic Games" - ADLER is more international like never before!



In front of the ADLER-Werk factory blew the flags, on the tables in the ADLER meeting room were small pennants in the national colors: The international flair was perceptible from the beginning. Especially, when the guests arrived: Different languages were spoken, the visitors from Ukraine attracted with their embroidered traditional shirts, "old acquaintances" warmly welcomed each other and knew new members of the ADLER family. "Five clients - from Latvia, Romania, Slovenia, Israel and China - were this year  the first time with us," says Claudia M. Berghofer, Head of Corporate Communications ADLER. During the meeting they got an general overview about the latest developments and products from ADLER - of course synchronously translated into English, French and Russian. "We all felt the sense of cohesion and the spirit of each of the participants to be a part of the great ADLER family," says Berghofer pleased.


And like in any successful "family celebration" fun and entertainment were another important part - this time under the banner of the Olympic Games. They're also colourful, as the competitions at the restaurant Goglhof in Fügenberg: During horseshoe throwing and crossbow shooting the guests had showen their Eagle Eye. At the nails-hammering and log-sawing  force they have showen the force of their ADLER Swing. Symbolic and fitting to the whole event, won the most international troops. Tibor Tamás-Nagy and Attila András from the company Antikfarb, Romania, Mr. Gong from the company Min Xing, China, and Bostjan Kirbis and Damjan Miketic from Blazic, Slovenia, were crowned with bacon and schnaps to the hut emperors .

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