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ADLER is setting the new record for wet adhesion at the "Fensterbau Frontale"

The ADLER Werk paints and varnishes factory is going full steam ahead at the Fensterbau/Frontale 2014 trade fair – but is not losing the "Grip" in the process. The Austrian manufacturer of paints and varnishes is showcasing an intermediate coating that beats any Formula-1 tyre hollow when it comes to wet adhesion: The new Aquawood Isogrip HighRes® races ahead with wet adhesion that is three times more than that of other intermediate coatings and thus takes window manufacturers to the fast lane! Those who would like to check this out on their own, should drop by at the ADLER trade fair stand at the Fensterbau/Frontale.



Racing drivers who negotiate curves at a speed of 300 kmph need one thing above all else: Firm grip. Compared to that what wooden windows often have to withstand at winter construction sites, it is child's play. When it is wet and warm inside and cold outside, and  no one thinks of ventilation, wooden window coatings are exposed to enormous level of stress. The reason is that moist air diffuse through the wood from inside to the outside and condenses there into bubbles of water and sets the coating under pressure in such a manner that it threatens to start flaking. Thus, wooden window coatings also require adhesion urgently. This is provided to them by the dual-component intermediate coating Aquawood Isogrip HighRes®, which it has proven under tough conditions of long-term weathering outdoor.


The windows manufacturer, Z-Fenster in Bavarian houses has already deployed Aquawood Isogrip HighRes®. The operations head, Stefanie Zizlsperger explains why: "We have somewhat higher cost as a result of the 2-component processing, but it is simply worth it. With Isogrip, winter construction damage is as good as no issue any longer and can there be any windows manufacturer not wanting this? Nothing is more troublesome than complaints about which you cannot do anything! We can have no influence on improper handling at winter construction sites; this is why we are happy that ADLER has developed a product with the help of which paints and varnishes can withstand such stresses."


The additional cost and effort cause by the dual-component processing with Isogrip is made up for by the good grindability and the fact that it is an intermediate coating for both opaque and glossy finish structures. And it can even do more, as Dr. Peter Hoernes, Development Manager at ADLER for window coatings, explains: "As a result of the sensational adhesion and grip, the window is, of course, more resistant to the impact of weathering not only at the site but also in the long run. This is why we recommend Aquawood Isogrip HighRes® also for surfaces exposed to high levels of stress such as window shutters. Moreover, Aquawood Isogrip HighRes® also insulates high-resin types of wood against fading and discolouration."


In short, proceed at top speed to Nuremberg to the Frontale and also get acquainted with the other ADLER innovations. For example, ADLER Aquawood Lärchenöl (Larch oil) is now available in different colour shades, ADLER Ligno+ is available in the colour shade Eiche Natur (Natural Oak) or Protor Primo is available for internal doors in the colour shades white and white calcified. Get ready for window coatings of the future with all that on the 100 m2 large ADLER trade fair stand in Hall 5, Stand 5-241 !


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