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ADLER presents the water-based paint of the future

It is a tough fellow and he will make life considerably easy for carpenters in the future: the new ADLER Aqua-Resist; the first water-based paint that achieves the same level of resistance when it is processed as a single component as compared to its two-component equivalent.



Actually they are out, the rough youngsters. But, in the case of paints, it is somewhat different. In this case: the more resistant the paint is the better. The corresponding magic formula is called "ÖNORM A 1605-12 1-B1". Water-based paints that need to achieve this class of resistance must be processed with hardener (2-component paints). This was the case, at least until now. However, the tough fellow comes out of the ADLER Paints and Varnishes factory (A), and, as a matter of fact, single-handed.


You could say it is something like the MacGyver among the water-based paints: An all-rounder that masters any situation single-handed – and this without a single scratch! ADLER Aqua-Resist is the first and only water-based clear coat that achieves the maximum level of chemical resistance without any hardener, in other words, as a single-component coat (1K). „Thanks to a completely new binding agent technology, we have been able to create this piece of art", says Franz Thummer happily, the development manager of furniture coating materials at ADLER. It is obvious that this is a decisive benefit for those using it – from the one-man carpenter to the industrial manufacturer: You save both time and money, and, in addition, you also conserve the environment. The reason is that without the hardener, which is always associated with limited pot life, there is less cleaning effort, lower material consumption, less disposal effort and also less stress on the environment.


In addition, of course, the handling is far easier. The users can use the same material in the hand-held spray gun that is used in the coating system, they can forget about the pot life and they can use ADLER Aqua-Resist universally: It is the primer coat and topcoat rolled into one. Thanks to its sensational resistance, it is suitable for use in all areas of indoor expansion and thanks to its luminance it is also suitable for applying the topcoat even of pigmented and white surfaces. „Moreover, we have also succeeded in improving the accentuation and filling power compared to other water-based paints", explains Franz Thummer.

With it, carpenters have one hero more in the workshop in future that makes their life easier day after day.


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