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ADLER Q10: The Future of Window Coatings

From the small carpenter right up to the large industrial company – all window manufacturers are now being supplied the new Q10 quality of ADLER. Be it the Acryl Spritzlack topcoat or the Dickschichtlasur (thick coat glaze finish) that has been launched recently – everyone benefits from the advantages that the ADLER laboratory has achieved with its development of the "Q10" for window coatings: the end customers, the users, but, to begin with, of course, the windows.



As the large industrial window manufacturers switched over to the Acryl Spritzlack Q10 at the beginning of the year, the aspects of "faster curing and quicker processing" were those that convinced them, but, above all, the more beautiful end quality, too. The Dickschichtlasur (thick coat glaze finish) Q10 also provides all these advantages, and it is now available in the market and is being deployed both by industrial users and carpenters. The Q10 technology ensures a look that is more natural and the surfaces are flawless and have a comfortable feel. This applies to the matt version just as it does to the glossy one for the Q10, which is now available in the market. "In fact, the fitters at site have also noticed that the windows are better to the touch since the time that we have been using Q10", enumerates Mr. Roland Eberharter, in charge of window production at the company Rieder in Zillertal.


The other benefits that Q10 brings with it can be perceived at site. The higher block resistance of both coating systems and the greater resistance to scratches and water ensure that there are fewer damages in the course of installation and transport. As a result, the user saves precious time and hard cash. In addition, the Q10 achieves all these properties 30 percent faster as its predecessor, and it can be processed downstream considerably faster. This, too, saves money. "The large manufacturers desired shorter drying times, but naturally, and even the small carpenters benefit from this", says Dr. Peter Hoernes, Manager of window coating systems development at ADLER. 


 Finally, all the benefits of the new ADLER window coatings also reach the end customer. The Q10 provides a more velvety grip for wooden windows, both in the matt and glaze finish. For all those who have decided to opt for wood, the most natural of all materials in their homes, that is a good feeling – since the feel to the touch depends on the coating. This, of course, includes the proven ADLER quality with the maximum durability.


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