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ADLER seminars specialised paint trade

What is your favourite colour? Hmm ... a specialised paint trader is now probably scratching his head thoughtfully. Because for him a simple 'blue' or 'red' is not a sufficient answer. Wall or facade paint? Paint or transparent wood finish? Wood protection or metal coating? Because the product range is equally as diverse as the world of colour shades. ADLER helps paints sellers to find their way through the abundance of colours with extensive further training opportunities. In this way, they can offer their customers the great advantage of the specialist paint trade: competent, expert advice.



That's why one of the most popular seminars in the ADLER programme is called "Right from the ground up". The most important factors to consider for anyone who wants to achieve success selling paint are covered: Which paints and varnishes are there? What properties do they have? Where and how do I use them? Martin Unterberger and Dzenan Imanovic answer these questions in Schwaz and St. Pölten. The seminars "Substrate preparation“ and "Wood protection in top condition“ go into more detail. And of course, many exciting innovations await at the  "News afternoon“.


The theory is all well and good. But what about dealing with customers? For this there is on-site coaching. The ADLER product expert spends time in the shop, observes, helps and shows how it's done. For ADLER paint dealers this exciting opportunity is even free. And ADLER not only has valuable knowledge to offer paint dealers, but also painters – pertaining to popular spray application technology. On three dates in Schwaz and Dornstadt (D), users will learn about the various spray processes and suitable paints and can even try it out themselves. 


The entire ADLER seminar programme, all dates and the option to register online can be found at www.adler-lacke.com/seminare. And listen up: In the spring and autumn of 2018, the two particularly exciting training courses for the ADLER colour designer interior and exterior will begin: Valuable additional qualifications for those who bring colour to life!


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