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ADLER SH-Technology©: Raising the curtain for the window coating revolution

Big events need a big stage. In this respect, the Fensterbau Frontale trade show in Nuremberg is just the right occasion for ADLER, as the paint manufacturer has something revolutionary to present: the new SH-Technology©, straight from the development laboratory of Austrian company, ADLER-Werk Lackfabrik. SH stands for self-healing, as this innovation brings an end to peeling, blistering and other damage resulting from detriments to the painted surface.



“We are bringing nothing less than the future of wood window coating with us when we come to the trade show in March,” says Richard Mölk, ADLER head of windows / timber construction sales, with pride. His colleagues, Rudolf Kamaun, and the team from the development department, have been researching the patent-pending SH-Technology© for years. This involves tiny microcapsules that are contained in the filler. “You have to imagine the microcapsules like a balloon filled with water. When the surface gets damaged, for instance from hailstones, the capsules break open and the contents escape,” explains Rudolf Kamaun. That sounds simple, and for window manufacturers and end customers it is. Yet what lies behind a perfect surface is highly complex. When the surface gets damaged, the “show” begins! The contents of the microcapsules, which largely consist of renewable raw materials incidentally, seal the damage and reliably prevent further damage: no substances in the wood escape, there is no peeling or blistering. “We have developed the filler with SH-Technology for covering systems so far, but the next stage will be transparent systems,” says Kamaun outlining the future.


Those who cannot yet quite believe the thing with the self-healing coating should come to Fensterbau Frontale. ADLER's SH-Technology© is making its debut there, where it can be subjected to thorough examination. But that is not the only star on the ADLER stage. The manufacturer also promises a revised front door paint system, new effect paints for front doors and an inspiring colour chart to match. Come to the performance: from 16 to 19 March 2016, ADLER in Hall 5, Stand 5-241.


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