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All that glitters is not gold: ADLER Brilliant Metallic

Glitter, glitz and glamour: At Christmas time, everything sparkles once again wherever you look. Yet all that glitters is not gold. Sometimes wood does too. Wood that has been finished with ADLER Brilliant Metallic – the new paint for surfaces that shine like metal! The revolutionary effect paint made by the Austrian paint manufacturer, ADLER, makes furniture and kitchen fronts sparkle in the most attractive metal colours.



Shiny metallic surfaces are all the rage,” confirms Mario Bortolotti from the ADLER furniture paint development laboratory. “With our new paint, however, we achieve this effect without adding classic glittery pigments,” he emphasises. Instead a very special mixture is used, which ensures deceptively real looking metal-look surfaces. In five trendy shades – gold, silver, bronze, copper and titanium – the effect paint brings a refined flair to kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms.


The realistic looking metallic effect is made possible by the very special composition: the panels, pre-insulated if necessary, primed with ADLER PUR-Isofill or ADLER PUR-Ecofill and then sanded down, are firstly painted with a layer of ADLER Pigmopur in the matching colour. After three to eight hours drying, ADLER Brilliant Metallic is applied – ideally from two sides. The surface must then be left to dry in turn for at least three hours. “Be careful, a shorter drying time can considerably reduce the metal effect,” warns Bortolotti. But users should also not wait more than 16 hours before giving their showpiece the final topcoat. “Either paint once with ADLER Pigmotop or twice with ADLER PUR-Glanzlack,” the ADLER experts advise. The result is a surface that will put a glint in people's eyes. Not only at Christmas time!

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