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Aquawood Ligno+ - highly transparent and resistant

The highly transparent coating system with ADLER Aquawood Ligno+ combines what apparently are contradictory to one another: natural appearance and excellent resistance. In this way, ADLER is creating new benchmarks in window coating.


Several customers desire a natural appearance for their wooden windows that can be maintained for a long time. ADLER meets this requirement with the innovative Ligno+ coating system.

If wooden windows outdoors are exposed to UV light, the wood extractive, Lignin gets decomposed. Nonetheless, this has a significant function as "adhesive" in the wood. If Lignin is lost, fungi causing fading in the wood may settle down. It is precisely at this weak spot that the developers at the ADLER laboratory focus on and combat the problem at two levels: Novel raw materials and the proven HighRes technology of ADLER stabilise the Lignin and facilitate great progress in protection against UV and moisture.


Durability requires a perfect basis. Aquawood Ligno+ Base provides this basis. The water-thinnable wood preservative impregnation intervenes actively in the cell structure of the wood and stabilises the important component, Lignin. It preserves the wood in this manner against adverse environmental impact and maintains its compact cell composition permanently.


In order to ensure all-round sealing of the window border, the water-thinnable and highly transparent intermediate coating Aquawood Ligno+ Sealer Tauchfertig (ready to immerse) is used. In this manner, the layer providing protection covers the wood component all around and provides excellent water protection. This layer, about 20-30 µm in thickness encapsulates the wood like a second skin and prevents the ingress of moisture.

Particularly in case of highly resinous types of wood, there is the threat of slight surface defects and sagging. One coat of Aquawood Ligno+ Sealer Spritzfertig (ready to spray) prevents through grinding and insulates the resin reliably.


The finishing coat of Aquawood Ligno+ Top finally provides active protection against UV radiation. The most modern UV preservatives are used for this purpose. This is how the ADLER developers have managed to make the coat perfectly transparent and that it still has long-term preservative effect.


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