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Bonded laminates, too, would like to be beautiful

With the help of ADLER Lignovit Plus LB, bonded laminates are protected at the site from any kind of weathering and remain beautiful for a long time even after installation. This includes the colourful design options.


They are up to 50 metres long, milled up to an accuracy of tenths of millimetres, the most modern of high-tech: Bonded laminates, as they are used for load-bearing structures in wooden constructions. ADLER Lignovit Plus LB ensures that these laminated wooden boards not only perform their function, but also appear beautiful. The large wooden components can be designed colourfully as desired with this special glaze finish and are best protected – from the production hall up to the installation and for a long period thereafter.  


"In principle, the size of bonded laminates is limited only by transportation considerations", says Richard Mölk with a laugh, who caters to the wooden construction customers of ADLER. In other words: The components are very large, and this makes special demands on the wooden laminate producers and their manufacturing halls, where they are completely prefabricated. In order to ensure that the readymade components do not get damaged, either in transit or at the site, a protective glaze finish is necessary, that is also capable of handling such a size. This is why the ADLER paints and varnishes factory has developed Lignovit Plus LB. 


"It was clear to us that the glaze finish must handle all pieces, but, primarily, it depended on quick and easy use, so that the manufacturing halls do not get blocked for too long on account of the application", says Richard Mölk. "Lignovit Plus LB provides protection against moisture and yellowing, which is very important if the parts remain in the open for a few days at the site. Dirt and contamination, footprints, for example, can be wiped off easily. But the best part is: A single application of Lignovit Plus LB is adequate, regardless of whether it is applied using large brushes, wipers or coating machines. And since it is a water-based glaze finish, it dries very quickly and there leaves no odour behind in the hall!" 


Thus, ADLER Lignovit Plus LB meets all the demands placed by the wood manufacturing company. However, the glaze finish can do more: Since bonded laminates are permanently visible in many structures, they should not only fulfil their constructive function, but should also look good in the process. Lignovit Plus LB caters to this need by preventing ugly yellowing resulting from the incidence of light, gives the wood a silky gloss and also provides the option for designing them in colour. The glaze finish can not only be used colourless, but also in may different colour shades. Thus, the bonded laminates can be made to match in design, for example, with the interior walls. This is a desire that many owners and architects have, and one that the wood manufacturers can now fulfil with the help of ADLER. Pretty prospects for bonded laminates!


For more information on Lignovit Plus LB, please contact 

Mr. Richard Mölk (University Graduate Engineer)

(Technical consultancy and sales of industrial wooden constructions A/D) 


Mobile +43 699 16922 384

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E-Mail: richard.moelk@adler-lacke.com 

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