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Coating front doors with Aquafix S

ADLER illustrates step by step how the new Aquafix S texture paste is meant to be used for coating front doors:

The ADLER-Werk paints and varnishes factory has supplemented its range of Protor coatings for front doors with one texture paste: Aquafix S. It is added to Protor-Finish D and the manufacturer of the front door is able to conjure something very special. The surface gives a feeling of being comfortably warm, somewhat rough and having a lively texture. "We, of course, fill in the texture paste according to the mixing or blending ratio adapted to the 2.2 and 8 kilo containers of Protor-Finish D", says Dr. Hoernes, who heads the development of coatings for windows and front doors at ADLER. Florian Rendl, the application technician, illustrates how the texture paste works step by step:


Step 1 – The substrate, grinding or sanding

All substrates that are used for front doors are suitable. Florian Rendl uses a moisture-resistant sample having MDF-V100 quality. For the purpose of pre-treatment, he sands it using grain size 240.


Step 2 – Epoxy primer

The first layer of the coating system uses ADLER 2K-Epoxi-Grund, which serves as an adhesion promoter and provides optimal protection against water. Spray this with a film thickness of 200 μm. After allowing the epoxy primer to dry overnight, intermediate sanding is done using grain size of 280.


Step 3 – Intermediate coating

Now use the cup gun or air mix to apply the Aquawood Protor-Base in white colour, which provides a smooth and full-bodied surface. The film thickness is 175 to 200 μm.

The first layer of Protor-Base must be allowed to dry for at least five hours, after which a second coat may be applied if needed. Sand the Protor-Base coat after it has dried up using grain size 280 once again.


Step 4 – Stir Aquafix S

Now simply stir eight per cent of Aquafix S in the Protor-Finish D regardless of the colour shade. In the example here, the Protor-Finish has the colour shade RAL 3005 wine red.


Step 5 – Applying the topcoat

Now spray Protor-Finish D with the texture paste in the customary manner. Aquafix S has no impact, whatsoever, on the spray application. The film thickness of the topcoat is 200 μm.


The result

The result is a delightful matt and pleasantly textured and robust surface. To put it simply, it is a very special front door.


ADLER products used:

ADLER 2K-Epoxi-Grund

ADLER Aquawood Protor-Base, white

ADLER Aquawood Protor-Finish D, here in the RAL 3005 wine red colour shade

ADLER Aquafix S Texture paste

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