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Dazzling appearance for front doors ADLER Protor Metallic

This summer will be dazzling! Everything is sparkling and shining: gold powder on tanned skin, bronze sandals, a silver beach bag - the metallic look is all the rage. But not only for fashion & make-up. A front door also wants to look modern and stylish - because the same applies as everywhere: The first impression counts.


The front door is the business card of a house, it tells a story about who and what hides behind it. ADLER ensures a glossy presentation with the new Protor-Metallic system. “This can be used to achieve a coarser, attractive metallic effect,” says Dr. Markus Fessler from the ADLER development laboratory. The individual parts can still be easily recognised, they shimmer and sparkle depending on the sunlight, literally lighting up the door - and this is exactly what architects and designers currently want.


The new metallic look is very easy to obtain: “The structure is very classic, with ADLER Aquawood Protor-Base and ADLER Aquawood Protor-Finish in the desired colour shade. However, an additional finishing coat is applied with the clear paint ADLER Aquawood Protect, which the user itself mixes with 0.5 per cent ADLER Aquafix Metallic,” outlines Fessler. This additive contains minuscule aluminium parts which create the great sparkle effect. The front door gets all the attention - and so does the owner!


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