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Development of coating systems 2.0: ADLER goes full speed ahead with the new laboratory automation, including environmental conservation

Just like how in a model railway system small carriages travel with cups from one station to another. Everything runs as if by magic. This is how a lay person observing it perceives the brand new laboratory automation system in the ADLER factory for paints and varnishes. In the course of a generous laboratory expansion, this robot, too, has been procured, and it lays the foundation stone for a completely new type of paint development. However, what exactly does this device do?



For the time being, the focus of the laboratory automation system at ADLER lies on the selection of colour shades. It provides enormous opportunities when it comes to reproducibility and documentation of the selection of colour shades. It also improves the work hygiene since all steps are executed completely automatically. This minimises the contact of the employees with chemicals. "A very great benefit compared to the current method is also the environment-friendliness. We consume less paint material and thus, there is also far less waste generated. So far, we have mixed one kilogram of paint for each colour shade. The robot needs only 100 grams – that is, one tenth", explains Dr. Albert Rössler who heads the Research & Development Division at the ADLER factory. 


Moreover, all that goes at record speed. The system can mix an unbelievable number of 200 colour shades completely automatically. The integrated colour blending station, the automatic dosing of the colour pastes and a so-called scraper device that draws up the paint on sample cardboards make this possible. But the actual secret is the conveyor belt: It is a sophisticated interaction between the robot and a novel rail transport system for the cups. These rails are the innovative centrepiece of the system, a kind of magnetic levitation railway on which each individual "carriage", a cup, moves independently of the others.


"With this system, we can provide our customers an even more comprehensive assortment of colour shades at the time of launching new products. This is a quantum leap for our Coloristik" (colouring system), Dr. Rössler is pleased to note.


The foundation stone has been laid with the laboratory automation system, to handle paint formulations and tests automatically in future. It can be expanded in a modular fashion in this way whenever required or desired. The boundary conditions for this purpose are also met: The ADLER laboratories have been expanded generously. A synthesis laboratory and a room in which ideal measurement-related conditions are met, are also new additions.

In this manner, ADLER had made a giant step in the future of paint development and has already invested in the best solutions of tomorrow. 


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