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Good reasons for wooden windows

As a specialist for wood paints and varnishes, ADLER has completely committed itself to the material from our native forests, particularly in the windows segment. The plastic competitor can never be as good as the natural and sustainable material in terms of the several benefits that it offers. This is why an increasing number of customers are reflecting again on the qualities of the traditional construction material, wood – and on its practical benefits:



Those who rely on wood are thinking of the future: The raw material keeps growing continuously and is completely bio-degradable. Thanks to shorter transport routes from the native forests, lower energy demand in the manufacture and longer service life, wooden windows conserve the climate. This is so that our children can look forward happily to the future.


Wood has character and style, be it in classical elegance or modern colour shades. Moreover, wood as a living material is warm and feels good to the touch. In contrast to plastic, it does not collect electrostatic charge and thus, it does not attract any dirt. Apart from this, it controls the atmospheric humidity and improves the room climate in this manner.


It is only a wooden frame that is really robust and stable. In the case of other frame materials, the glass must take over the static function. With time, this leads to excessive stress and the profiles start sagging. Even in case of fire, wooden windows remain stable for a longer period of time and thus ensure more safety. In contrast, burning PVC releases toxic dioxins and other hazardous gases.


At the end of the service life of a window, wood and wooden parts can be disposed with ease. Hence, they are not a liability for the environment.


About 3 million human beings in the EU live off the timber industry and forestry directly or indirectly. Thus, wooden windows secure jobs and education in our region.


Wooden windows and high-quality coatings – they go hand in hand like fishes and water. The reason is that only a perfect surface ensures long life, low maintenance cost and effort, and lasting beauty – properties that customers are justified in demanding. Window manufacturers who rely on coatings and glaze finishes from ADLER can meet these requirements effortlessly. This is the case because ADLER offers a water-based coating system consisting of components that are perfectly matched to one another, and with which the elegance of wood can be maintained for a long time.


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