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Grossglockner in the Ukraine

Curved glue-laminated beams are the speciality of the company “Modern Timber Houses”, which is providing a breath of fresh air in the timber construction industry in the Ukraine. This is also evidenced by the company's own headquarters, which come with elegant lines and a snow-white coating from ADLER.


Ornate villas, a colourfully scaled igloo in the middle of the forest, rustic log houses: the Ukrainian company “SDDU” builds what its name means in the country's language: “Modern Timber Houses”. And the innovative timber construction professionals put the lid on their imaginativeness with their own office building. Their sweeping refuge is a real guidepost, the peak of security. Perhaps that is also why the colour “Grossglockner” from theADLER Lignovit-Lasur range seemed so fitting to the designers: The outer skin of the building glistens thanks to this glaze in a refined white.



The specification of the designers, above all, was that the colour had to harmonise with the overall architectural design,” reports Julia Stoeva from our Ukrainian ADLER partner, LLC Holzbauchemie. The aim was to maintain the simplicity and beauty of the natural raw material, wood: “By coating it with the water-based, vapour permeable ADLER Lignovit glaze, the texture of the wood remains visible. At the same time the material is ideally protected, with its resistance and durability guaranteed,” Stoeva explains: “Now we can be sure that the building will withstand any weather during every season.” The elegant white also continues on the inside: “The priority here was to protect nature and the environment. That is why we chose ADLER Woodwax in the colour Margerite,“ says Stoeva. The gentle glaze perfectly matches the residence, which is flooded with light and designed with plenty of space and clear lines – by which “SDDU” impressively demonstrates why the company is among the top five in Europe for curved glue-laminated beam supporting structures!

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