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„HAMAM“ for windows

The window manufacturer Döpfner points on Dynflow and ADLER coating systems, especially adapted to this technical equipment.


You have never heart from the Dynflow paint finishing system? „Simply think on a steam bath for windows“, explains Mr. Mario Döpfner, who is leading the production line of the family enterprise Döpfner Fenster. From his view the „Hamam for windows“ was the right decision: No more perfect surface cannot be realized by spray application, especially if in the Dynflow specifically developed varnishes from ADLER provides the correct vapour: The thick-film coat Dynflow and the window coat Dynflow.


“Since four years we yet have in mind the Dynflow, but always we flinched from it, because changing colours and products for different orders with this paint finishing system is very complex and time-consuming, remembers Mr. Mario Döpfner the start of the changeover. “That time we still had three different types only of clear varnishes. But then we saw on the Trade Fair Fensterbau 2010 the new colour chart Stilo from ADLER. Based on it, we realized together with ADLER a separate, reduced and completely harmonious colour chart and that was the hour of birth of our Ligna Garant.” But it was not done for Döpfner with a paint finishing facility. The secret of success is, that there were bought even two. Now one of them is varnishing the clear material and the other one the white coats. So time is saved because no time for adapting is necessary and a perfectly organized processing is possible. The two facilities accomplish 70 to 80 per cent of the whole window production. The small rest of topcoats in different colour shades remain manual operation to do in the spray booth.


“With 70 or 80 per cent the two finishing systems pays off enormously. Now it is possible to deploy two co-workers somewhere else, on more significant operator’s position, where they are save from varnish dust”, Mr. Döpfner declares happy. The varnish or coat continuously remain in the facility, that means neat air as well as null of overspray. “But, the best of all: The result of the spray application is phenomenal”, Mr. Döpfner is rhapsodizing. It is the Dynflow of Range and Heine, able to reach this aim by spraying the varnish not locally on the surface, but atomizing it in the interior of the finishing facility. “I always say that the Dynflow facility creates a clime where not air humidity is dominating, but “colour humidity”, says Mr. Mario Döpfner. “So we are varnishing with plenty of varnish or coat and nevertheless we have less loss. Together with the specifically for the Dynflow developed varnishes and coats from ADLER the perfect Finish is realised.



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