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Inspiring windows – inspiring outlooks: ADLER launched new window colour charts at the "Frontale" trade fair

Colour Inspirations – that is the name that the window construction trade fair, "Frontale" has "blended" and will stir up new colours in the world of windows. The ADLER paints and varnishes factory launched a collection of "Colour Inspirations" at Nuremberg that opens up the entire world of modern window and front door colours in six modules. This covers everything that the wooden or wooden-aluminium windows are coated with these days and what is used as cladding for the sophisticated front door. Entice your customers into the world of colour inspirations and, in the process, ensure that you have the decisive head start compared to others in providing advice and consultation.



The ADLER colour inspirations combine five style modules for windows in a practical folder: "Soleil", "Terzo" and "Miso" for wooden windows, "Loft" and "Tempura" for wooden-aluminium ones. The sixth module, "Protor", illustrates the trendy look for front doors and can be included in the folder as an option. All the worlds of style are divided between softwoods and hardwoods. In this manner, all choices and desires of the customer can be met, since the new colour shades that have been designed – from "curly head" to "shooting star" – not only sound attractive but match them in looks and appearance and capture the spirit of the contemporary.

"The trend is making a departure from this classical light brown and yellowish colour shades", says Daniel Pesserer, Sales Manager of ADLER window coating systems, who has developed the new colour chart working together with the team at the ADLER laboratory and the ADLER colour department. "The trend now is once again towards dark brown, earth-like and natural shades."


The manufacturer of coating systems from Tyrol lays the focus on customised products for wooden-aluminium windows. "Wooden-aluminium windows are being preferred increasingly by customers. Hence, with products such as ADLER Aquawood LärchenölNatureffekt or Softfeel we are on the right track. They provide a beautiful, silky and natural look and feel for indoor use. That is what is in demand. Wooden windows today are perceived as pieces of furniture – the surface must be perfect and feel good to the touch – and this is exactly what we provide with the new colour shades developed for these products", says Daniel Pesserer. 


With colour inspirations, ADLER provides window manufacturers with a tool in the hand with the help of which they can give professional advice to trendsetters in architecture and interior decoration and which can also be of help to private house builders to take the right decisions. The well-divided colour shade chart for windows and front doors is provided with original samples, which also make the entire world of trendy window colours perceptible.


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