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Investments in the environment pay off

ADLER makes ongoing investments in environmental conversations. At last, the emission of CO2 and solvents could be reduced considerably.


Float above all at lofty heights: There is nothing more beautiful for the eagle (ADLER) than to circle in clear mountain air. No wonder that the ADLER factory for paints and lacquers in Schwaz is the pioneer since the 80's in matters pertaining to environmental conservation and purity of air. Austria's leading manufacturer of paints and lacquers makes ongoing investments in hard cash, in order to be a step ahead in matters relating to the environment. At last, ADLER could reduce the emission of CO2 and solvents considerably.


By participating in the packaging ordinance, the ADLER factory has made a valuable contribution to climate protection, with CO2 values that are impressive: 470 tons of CO2 were saved in the year 2009 alone, this being the value given on the climate certificates. That is the amount that a passenger motor vehicle would puff off into the atmosphere over a distance of three million kilometres.

In the course of the packaging ordinance, packaging materials were collected from all across Austria and fed to a material and thermal recycling system. This serves the purpose of conserving primary raw materials and energy carriers and finally, also to prevent the emission of hazardous greenhouse gases.


In addition, ADLER has invested in new and modern plants in order to produce lower amounts of exhaust gases right from the beginning. Thanks to the two new wax dissolving tanks, the solvent-loaded exhaust air is no longer released into the atmosphere. Instead, it is fed to a catalytic after-burner system where the solvents are incinerated. Many existing plants, too, have been connected to this system. The energy produced during combustion or incineration is, in turn, used to provide heating to the factory and this also saves electricity and gas. As confirmed by measurements made by the authorities, four tons less of solvent are released into the environment thanks to this measure.



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