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Let there be light: New Xenon Tester in the Laboratory

The forest needs sunlight, heat and moisture to grow. But as soon as the wood has been processed to make a window, facade or balcony, these weather conditions start attacking it. The ADLER Research & Development department now has a new piece of equipment, in which the resistance of wood coatings to these weather conditions can be tested.


Damage to wood coatings that is typically caused by weather conditions includes fading, discolouration and reduction in strength, formation of cracks, embrittlement and loss of gloss. In the process, sunlight and moisture cause the same effect: It may happen that materials, which are resistant to both the incidence of sunlight and moisture, may still get damaged – namely then when they are exposed to both conditions simultaneously.


In order to determine the service life of products that shall be exposed to weather conditions, we cannot wait, while developing paints and varnishes, until they have been tested for ten years under natural conditions. „In order to develop coating systems, we need expeditious statements based on artificial tests that can be conducted quickly", says Dr. Albert Rössler, Chief at the ADLER Research & Development department. „This is why the most recent addition to the inventory of equipment in our Research and Development department includes a novel quick weathering device using Xenon lights.". Does this sound familiar to you? Quite likely, since about 1/3 of all cars are fitted with Xenon headlights!


The equipment reproduces damage that is caused by the complete sunlight spectrum and by rainfall. Thus, the equipment can simulate signs of weathering within a few days that otherwise take months or years to occur under outdoor conditions. „The special Xenon light arc lamps provide the best simulation of sunlight at present, which optimises the validity regarding the classical signs of damage", says Dr. Rössler happily. He thanks the Executive Management for the investment made.

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