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Natural yes, unprotected no: Various surfaces in the ADLER test

Natural wooden surfaces are THE trend in living rooms. Designers, manufacturers or building owners often rely on the natural feature or aspect, but, at the same time, with untreated and uncoated wood. It is evident that this cannot be in the interests of a paint and varnishes manufacturer such as ADLER. However, that this is also not in the interest of the outcome and the customer has been proven by the photographically documented routine test that the ADLER factory has recently published in one of its folders. What it demonstrates: The feature or aspect of naturalness can also be achieved without having to dispense with protection or preservation. The ADLER application technicians have tested how wooden surfaces that have been given different kinds of treatment respond and react to daily exposure to stress. The result: wood that has been preserved remains beautiful for a longer period of time and can nevertheless appear as if it has been untreated. That is authentic sustainability and thinking in terms of conserving resources.



Be it wine, coffee, cola or oil: despite all of this untreated wood is supplied without protection or preservation. Liquids and dirt penetrate immediately into the wood and the spots or stains that occur can no longer be removed; unless, of course, you make use of the grinding machine. However, this too – in case of thinner veneers – is possible only to a very limited extent. What makes things worse is that untreated wood starts yellowing and greying with time.


Oils and waxes of ADLER Legno-Schiene protect wooden surfaces in a very natural way – however, only to a limited extent. Oils penetrate into the wood, highlight its colour and grain and the pores remain open. This appears beautiful, but leads to the fact that the wood continues to absorb lower quantities of dirt and contamination. The benefit: Such small spots or stains can be ground in a pointed manner and can be easily re-oiled. What needs to be considered is also that oiled and waxed surfaces need to be preserved and retreated regularly so that they remain beautiful in the long term.


Coated wooden surfaces are the most practical solution, particularly in case of furniture that is exposed to greater levels of stress. Varnish coats provide optimal protection. However, so far it was difficult to preserve the matt finish and the natural appearance and feel of the wood when applying coats to it. With a natural effect coat such as the new ADLER PUR-Naturmatt this is achieved so well that even carpenters consider the coated wood to be in its natural condition. It is only when you drop the first glass of red wine on it that you know what a piece of coated furniture you have: No spots or stains and no yellowing – for many, many years. 


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