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New ADLER stair varnish prevents annoying creaking

Santa, night owls or the nanny: Anybody who creeps up the stairs on the quiet – one tell-tale creak and the game of secrecy is over. Annoying creaking noises from wood staircases considerably disturb the harmony in one's own four walls. Particularly on mortised wood staircases and suspended stairway steps, every step can lead to an unpleasant noise. But not with ADLER: Austria's leading paint manufacturer has declared war on creaking stairs. The all-round improved stair varnish, ADLER Aqua-Step Silent, now puts an end to annoying noises from stairs!



“We have completely revised our popular stair varnish, ADLER Aqua-Step RH, in order to get to grips with annoying creaks from wooden staircases,” outlines ADLER development manager, Franz Thummer. That is why the water-based paint is now rightly called “ADLER Aqua-Step Silent”. The sealing varnish, available in a choice of 1 or 2 components, ensures quiet stairs. Step by step. “However, the varnish also stands out due to its excellent durability and abrasion resistance,” Thummer emphasises. That means: staircases painted with ADLER Aqua-Step Silent are much more hard-wearing. Although we practically trample them underfoot every day, they stay looking good over the long term!


Staircases should not only be quiet and nice-looking, however, but also safe: ADLER has therefore increased the non-slip properties further. “If the contractor then adds roughly 10 per cent of ADLER Aqua-Fix S, it will even reach anti-slip class R9,” adds Thummer. The specially developed formulation ensures moreover that those climbing the stairs also have a good grip on the banisters and handrails at all times. The new varnish feels pleasantly soft and scores high marks in terms of resistance to creams and greases. For particularly heavily used staircases, ADLER recommends spraying three coats of ADLER Aqua-Step Silent, adding 7 per cent curing agent and sanding between applications. Thanks to the new ADLER Aqua-Step Silent, all staircase owners can safely sleep in silence!


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