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Oak wood, edges and turquoise – the living room and furniture trends in 2014

It was once upon a time long ago when there was no mobile phone or tablet, but in their place, plenty of Beatles hair stylists, ladies in mini-skirts and flower power. You could see large, angular and jagged patterns everywhere – on wallpapers, carpets or cushions and even the furniture pieces were what we call retro today. Back into the past – this is exactly how you would feel this year at the international trade fairs of the furniture and textile cottage industries such as the imm in Cologne or the Domotex in Hanover.



Turquoise is the colour trend in 2014 and this could not be ignored at the trade fairs. "The combination of green and blue and their nuances are the ideal mix", says Bernhard Zimmermann knowingly. The interior decoration specialist and education expert for room layout and colour design explains why: "Green has a calming and regenerating effect, whereas blue is clear and refreshing. As a result, a favourable and neutral colour shade is created that you cannot disregard so quickly."

It is best to combine turquoise with subsequent colours in the colour wheel like blue-violet-pink or even with orange-yellow that are opposite to it on the colour wheel. The colour also has a harmonising effect on wood and natural shades.


Triangular and checked surfaces or large-area colourful with points and edges – this is what the shapes and patterns of the year 2014 look like. Simply retro. This stretches from parquet flooring to carpets, upholsteries and wallpapers. Above all, seating furniture and chairs spread the retro charm


The trend of the previous year continues here. Oak wood is unmistakably the dominant player at the imm compared to walnut. Cherry, beech, maple and ash are used only rarely. There is no major change in the trend even as far as surfaces are concerned. Brushed and textured surfaces are often calcified in white colour and combined with naturally oiled surfaces. High-gloss and coated glass surfaces are used as accents that primarily form the contrast to the matt to dull matt surfaces having a natural look and appearance. White dominates in terms of colour, but even grey shades and rape yellow are seen quite often.


With so much of retro charm, there is only one thing that remains: Put a music record on, wear a mini-skirt, push the wooden furniture to the side and dance to Rock-n-Roll on the designed carpet.


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