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Rauh Fensterbau puts its trust in ADLER and component manufacturing of windows

The conversion to component manufacturing was a “tremendous boost” for the window construction company Rauh situated in Zapfendorf, Bavaria. The manufacturer went all the way and changed the entire production cycle. In the matter of surface coating ADLER was the perfect partner for him.


From the outside one does not suspect what is hidden behind the door with the inscription “Rauh Fensterbau” in the midst of the Bavarian village Zapfendorf. Once entered the production hall, however, visitors can marvel at the future of wood and wood-aluminium window construction on 5,000 square metres. The Rauh company converted its production cycle to component manufacturing and is as thoroughly pleased with the decision to build their windows part by part as it is with the corresponding surface coating supplied by the ADLER-Werk Lackfabrik in Schwaz, Austria.


“We had been thinking about component manufacturing for a while and had already acquired several machines when we were offered a rather gigantic paint finishing system. The price was so good that we took it even without having the necessary space,” so junior director Stefan Rauh. The problem was solved quickly though as no technical obstacle is too difficult to overcome for the ‘engineering genius’ of the family business: senior director Josef Rauh. Without hesitation the machine was modified, set up and installed. “This also has the advantage that we know the mechanism inside out,” says Rauh.


Upon the question if they have any regrets regarding the conversion to component manufacturing both are at one with each other: “None. Only that we have not done it earlier because it meant a tremendous boost for our productivity.” Component manufacturing is considerably faster and also safes a lot of space. An indispensable condition for success though is of course that the conversion is not made alongside the day-to-day business. “We had to adapt every single work station. Without the employees’ cooperation such a process would not work,” says Rauh Junior.


The second key to a successful conversion is consequence. “I can only gain the right advantages if the entire production is carried out part by part,” Rauh Senior is convinced. “That involves not only the steps of leveling out and impregnating but also the intermediate coating, the final coating and the hardware.” For both Rauhs ADLER is the right partner for the perfect surface. “90% of our production is in wood-aluminium and in that area ADLER simply has the best solutions. Coatings like ADLER Softfeel, Natureffekt or Lärchenöl meet customer expectations as they nowadays lay much more emphasis on surfaces. Basically it is furniture surfaces we deliver – they have to look perfect and feel good to the touch. And we work in the high-quality segment so we cannot allow even the smallest flaws. ADLER surface coatings fulfill all these requirements thanks to quality, service and an innovative product range. In addition, ADLER is a family business like ours, which is important for us.”


There is one thing to mind though when coating single parts instead of an assembled frame: every part is coated all around. It is an advantage in the matter of quality but instead of wooden surfaces it is then coated surfaces that have to be glued together. In this regard the innovative window constructors can count on ADLER as well. The use of dowels guarantees stability. The same stability that the production is now running with thanks to component manufacturing. In the case of Rauh one can say: Who dares wins.


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