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Robotic coating and ADLER: Heiss produces windows à la carte

The company Heiss Fensterbau, italian window manufacturer, has invested – in a new building and a coating robot that guarantees flexibility and individuality.


From Bozen you can reach a small, closely timbered valley, the Sarntal. Through many tunnels and a plenty of turns. But the intention is not to reach an idyllic alp, but the top modern window construction company Heiss Fenster GmbH. For its large-scale new building, the owner, Mister Peter Heiss, opted once more for the homeland position – and for a construction with respect to the energy saving criteria’s as well as trend-setting building methods. The highlight is the paint finishing system with a CMA robot, which applies the high-quality ADLER varnishes.


The building fits perfectly with its larch facade in the mountain area, yet it conceals the most modern manufacturing company in the valley. Since the beginning of 2011 Heiss has produced here 6000 wood and wood-alumium windows each year – each one made “à la carte”, that is upon demand the client’s demand. The processing requires one thing above all: flexibility. That’s why an automatic painting in a lift facility for Mister Peter Heiss did not become into question. He has opted therefore for a robot that reads automatically shape and size of each window and finishes each piece individually. “The robotic arm of CMA has two big advantages for our small commissions with less than 10 pieces: The colour change is quick and the colour loss is small, due to this we are very flexible”, says Mister Peter Heiss. A Coolac wall ensures the recovery of the paint, so the coating material can be reutilized.


Thanks to the support of the robot, it is possible, that there is only one man working in the paint finishing system. Christian Locher is still working for the company for 11 years and assures that only perfectly painted windows are delivered. “With the help of the robot I save so incredible much time”, he says. “While it is painting, I can do other things, grinding or flow-coating for example. Only some single positions has to be painted by hand”. But even this causes no problems, because the manual spray gun is connected to the same paint supply as the robot. There are three circular flows of colour: for brown, for white and for special colour shades. A colour change takes 15 minutes.

Heiss Fenster created in cooperation with ADLER two own colour fans according to the customers predilection. One with transparent and opaque painting structures, the other especially for wood-aluminium windows with the unique coating systems from the tyrolean company ADLER: Aquawood Lärchenöl or Aquawood Softfeel e.g., which confer to the interior wood a natural appear and touch. “Such coating systems are very important for us, because the surface, design and aesthetics are gaining more and more importance in the window construction sector. One important point for my decision to work with ADLER ist the Technical Support and the technicians from ADLER which gave me an excellent support during the reconstruction phase and the start with the robotic painting”, says Mister Peter Heiss.

Now Mister Christian Locher handles the CMA robot without any difficulty. Laughing he says: “But it’s necessary to have a notion of the matter, here we could not employ a person coming from an office". He programmes for example the spray distance and the thickness of the film and learned by doing what kind of nozzles are suited for each kind of varnish.


Altogether, varnisher, director and all customers are fully satisfied with the decision to use ADLER varnishes and to paint with the robot – and the window constructor from the Sarntal with its perfect surfaces is looking forward to a rosy future.


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