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Staircases and banisters in the best hands with Aqua-Step RH

It is already available: the new dimension in skid resistance on all staircases. It is called ADLER Aqua-Step RH and holds a secret that not only protects those climbing staircases industriously from slipping and falling down, but also gives them a good grip on the banister. Read on and you solve the secret.



For "wax polished" skiers, they can slide down the slope particularly rapidly. In the case of staircases, the situation is entirely different. This is where the developers at the laboratory of the ADLER-Werk Paints Factory had to do some rethinking  to come to the conclusion that not merely a rough structure, but also special kinds of wax make a paint meant for staircases resistant to skidding or slipping. Nonetheless, the efforts yielded rich dividends and the outcome of this idea is the water-thinnable sealing coat, ADLER Aqua-Step RH, which conceals decisive benefits for commercial and industrial users. This is because it not only has a skid-resistant effect on the staircases, thanks tho a formulation using certain kinds of wax, but instead, it is also suitable for coating handrails and banisters! Since it is not as rough as paints that achieve skid resistance with the help of the texture, it also feels good to touch. And so that it can be easily processed, Aqua-Step RH offers an optimal sagging behaviour for coating banisters in the vertical position.

Thus: "Wax polish" staircases and gain!


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