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Suppliers Award from Internorm: Laud from friends

Does exist a greater laud that one of a long-standing partner? Not for us...


Does exist a greater laud that one of a long-standing partner?

Not for us, and that is why we have all reason for gratification, because the Internorm company send us its commendation by a noble brilliant goblet: the Suppliers Award 2010. 


During our conversation with Hermann Haller, the Internorms’ purchaser by ADLER, we asked him wherefore ADLER merited this award. “On the one hand there are rigorous qualitative criteria, so 97 per cent of the delivery terms have to be respected and erroneous delivery positions of the order does not be more than 0,5 per cent”, says Haller. “But we know, that ADLER every year achieves these criteria. So we have supplementary criteria like service, quality of cooperation and flexibility. That means: How does the supplier respond if we have new materials and does he prepare himself innovative proposals? With ADLER all this is right. This year especially one thing was decisive to hand over the award to ADLER: The good cooperation with another supplier when once we had problems. That time efforts were made immediately by the ADLER staff to find a solution. And that despite of the supply shortfalls of row material in the past year products always had been delivered in time. All this we would like to honor.“ So we say thanks a lot! In the ADLER-Werk we are very happy to get this award, the more as it is the second time after 2007 that the Award reaching our company.

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