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The colour, surface and material trends for 2015

Hardly anyone who deals with colours, furniture and furnishings can wait until the doors to the international furniture and interior design shows open - like IMM in Cologne. People are excited, take a look around and are inspired. Those at ADLER responsible for surfaces and colours were naturally also there and found out exactly what the trend is this year.



Cosiness is the magic word. One's own four walls should be a place of security, retreat and getting away from everyday hectic life. Indeed this is nothing new – but more important than ever for people in 2015. You could even call it a mega trend here, an attitude to life. Large sofas with lots of snug cushions, furniture made of round shapes and natural materials like wood, stone and metal - all this ensures a cosy feel. Even designer pieces are no longer as important in 2015. And if they are, they at least have to be practical and “usable”. Generally it comes down to having a coherent, complete living concept than just one particular prestigious object. So that it does not get too boring with all the cosiness, however, colours and patterns continue to be a must.


Copper: The mix of an earthy shade of brown and a touch of glamour in red is the trend colour for 2015. Moving on from this there is a whole range of orange and red/brown shades through to pink that go with it. White and natural shades can also be combined as well as lots of wood.


Often seen on chairs, cushions, sofas and decorative items is mustard yellow. The mixture of yellow and green can be combined particularly well with grey, black and white. Otherwise, blue/grey shades as well as pastel pink and pastel blue are also much in evidence. The classics black and white are also a must in 2015.


In the living and kitchen area, the dull matt painted surface is still the measure of all things. The combination of high gloss and dull matt painted parts in the same colour is also very fascinating. In contrast to the pigmented surfaces, manufacturers are opting for wood. In this respect, oak is used almost exclusively. This can be seen textured, white limed or oiled. Combinations of white and coloured surfaces also provide an exciting effect. One highlight was provided by the kitchen manufacturer, Ewe, which combines off-white surfaces with dark brown fronts in a leather look.

Above all, versions of white dominate on the colour painted kitchen surfaces, but anthracite and blue or petrol with a range of grey shades and combinations with pink, yellow and orange are also on the rise. Elements made of copper, glass, stone or concrete provide additional accentuating features.




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