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The colours of 2013

ADLER and the colour designer Daniela Späth reveal the colours of 2013.


Ms. Späth, you are a colour designer. What fascinates you about this profession?

As a colour designer I can directly influence the looks of the environment. I can help make visions become a reality and design the future. Defining the living spaces of tomorrow is a very special privilege. I always had a special interest in applied colour psychology and in this field I do research while also teaching colour psychology and colour symbolism at several educational institutes. 


You are also a specialist when it comes to colour trends. What can we expect for 2013?

Mixing materials and styles is the big thing in 2013. Extravagant surfaces are this year’s eye-catchers. Colours are intentionally used to set accents. Unique design techniques, lighting experiments and original design ideas play an important role.


And how does it look outside? At the façade, so to speak.

The trend for façades is going towards bright and pastel colours, without looking overly sweet. The red-phase is finally replaced by yellow in all its nuances: from bright Schönbrunn-yellow to gold ochre or refined vanilla tones.


Your advice for painters?

2013 is the year of extravagant design techniques. More and more, people express their identity through their personal living spaces. Individuality and exclusiveness are the keywords.


Which colours and colour-combinations are a „no-go“ in 2013?

If anything is forbidden, it is to paint everything in a monotonous white or a dull grey. Colours as an expression of personality are the most important design features of the year. The private living space is an oasis and a retreat to relax from the pressures of work. In working environments, design is increasingly used to stimulate productivity and to create ideal working conditions. Individual counselling is more important than ever.

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