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Trend-setting window production by Ludwig: Single component fabrication, refrigerant type dryer and ADLER coatings

Draßmarkt. A small village in the Burgenland, at the most eastern margin of Austria with 940 inhabitants. But to say that there are no activities would be at most exaggerated, because there is operating the company Ludwig Fenster. To affirm that it is „rocking“ to the future with its window production would be all other than exaggerated: With single component fabrication, a refrigerant type dryer and the ADLER coating systems, Ludwig is an ultra-modern window producer that does not have to shy away from the comparison with the „big world” at all. Quite the contrary.



During our visit at the Ludwig company we meet the owner Mr. Christian Ludwig as well as the responsible for production and research, Mr. Stefan Damm. We are especially interested in the Hygrex refrigerant type dryer there in use. There are only few producers working which such an unit. “In fact, all started when we restructured to the single component production”, tells Mr. Christian Ludwig. “In this context we also acquired the refrigerant type dryer”. With both decisions he and the operation manager are more than satisfied. Without the single component fabrication his company would not exist anymore, Mr. Christian Ludwig is convinced: production runs faster, windows are more durable, because each single part is varnished all-round, so that the varnish protects even interfaces otherwise easily attacked. 62.000 pieces of this single components made of wood, predominantly of spruce, Ludwig produces each year – for the most different types of wooden and wooden-aluminium windows, extra for the customs demand.


The Hygrex refrigerant drying unit is used to dry the first impregnation layer done with ADLER Aquawood TIG. The tied-rod directly runs from the flow-coating unit to the dryer, which is giving off cold and therefore very dry air. A multiplicity of nozzles is aerating the dryer so that the free hanging single pieces do not swing, also because of the uniform air circulation present there everywhere. In the Hygrex dryer the impregnation does not dry only twice as quickly, but also very gently. Immediately afterwards it is possible to grind the dried elements. The pieces present an extremely high mechanical fastness, because every coating film is “thermoplastic”. This plays no role in case of cold air, but in case of warm air as often used, the coating film is temporary softened.


For the intermediate layer and the different layers of topcoat the dryer could also be used, but for the company Ludwig this is not necessary. The throughput time of the window street is regulated in order that the water-based coatings from ADLER dry at ambiance temperature as quick as needed, also thanks to the new and optimized Q10 quality from ADLER.

All utilized coats/varnishes were tested by an ADLER technician before the dryer had been bought, so that Mr. Christian Ludwig could be sure that all would run well. Mr. Matthias Stötzel from ADLER supported the company Ludwig in the correct regulation of the unit directl. ADLER coatings and the refrigerant type dryer work together perfectly. Furthermore, the company Ludwig already tested the new and colourless intermediate coat, ADLER Aquawood Intermedio ISO, which is providing the necessary wood protection to transparent coating systems. “Tests run optimally”, assures the production manager, Mr. Stefan Damm. In autumn he will change to utilisation of Intermedio ISO, this is when the company’s expansion will be up for. Because hence there is a lot of activity – with the single component production, the refrigerant type dryer and ADLER.


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