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Trends that prevail

In the 20th century, you heard of the term "Trend" only in connection with shares and share prices. Today, there are trends at every nook and corner. Fashion trends, colour trends, product trends...


So then, what is a trend? To begin with, there is a change and certain current of taste in some segment of the society that can be perceived over a longer period of time. In other words, there is a rise or decline of a certain phenomenon. However, each of these so-called current does not prevail. Above all, every trend cannot be accepted in real life in the world of fashion. Many of these are simply "unacceptable" or turn out to be a real passing wonder. In contrast, other trends become genuine long runners and you should not miss these under any circumstances. 


And, as a matter of fact, in the most diverse ways. Nature gives us a feeling of good health, freedom and well-being and forms an exciting contrast to the constantly growing utilisation of technology in day-to-day life. Be it natural furniture made of wood within your own four walls, natural cosmetics for daily care, natural or organic food on the plate or a walk in nature to switch your mind off after a stressful day at work. Nature is omnipresent in our thoughts and actions. In matters of trends at your residential premises, designers and furniture are being based on untreated wood or oiled surfaces combined with other natural materials such as linen, felt, cork, wool or leather. Greenery in the room such as, for example, vertical gardens on the wall or flowers suspended from the ceiling – all these things are the last cry and bring Nature into our home. 

ADLER - Natural surface finishing with the Legno range of products  


I would like to remain as I am. This is the saying that we know from the world of publicity since a long time. Individuality and authenticity are in demand. This is applicable to fittings and furnishings just as much as it is to oneself. Books with titles such as "Be myself finally" or "Who am I – who do I want to be" are some that you would find in any bookshop. The courage for individuality is also reflected in material and colour compositions. Colourful cut-pieces are stitched together into a designer bag, old piece of clothes are pepped up with spots of colours and soon you have an absolutely exclusive item. Creativity knows no limits even when it comes to pieces of furniture. A mix of modern, purist furniture made out of natural materials such as wood combine high-tech with Nature. In this manner, an old chest of drawers gets a colourfully painted drawer or you convert the side to a blackboard for shopping lists. Playing with contrasts for greater individuality. 

ADLER - Finishes for wooden surfaces 

ADLER - Color-Emotion finishes 


Apart from individuality, there is also a certain clarity and distinctiveness in the trend. Purism in the sense of straight-lined furniture without much of knick-knack is still popular. In the process, what determines the shade? Furniture, accessories, fashion and cars – everywhere that you look, everything lights up in this trendy shade. White conveys order, ease, light and freshness. It has a pure and modern effect particularly on items of fitting and furnishing. Tables painted in white colour combined with natural wooden feet right up to furniture surfaces in a white marble finish – no other colour stands for more purism, simplicity and minimalism. In the world of fashion, too, designers look up to white, since colours and patterns do not come into their own as beautifully on any base other than white.  


As an "Eco-type" or "organic food consumer", you would have been ridiculed by the society just a few years ago if you tried to recycle things, conserve energy and water or considered eating organic and healthy foods. Today, we call it Sustainability and this word has become a trendy term of a new lifestyle. Living in a low-energy house, your own garden of vegetables or electric cars are no longer things that you would only associate with a certain, environment-conscious class of the population. On the contrary - Thinking green is becoming increasingly affordable, a part of our day-to-day actions and a must-have for manufacturers and suppliers of products and services. 


Finally, however, a trend is only a current in a certain direction, but not critical. What is decisive is what you like and with which you get a feeling of well-being, regardless of whether it is a trend or not. Simply be yourself. Natural, authentic, unique and durable.

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