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Window application technology rings in the future

The new Aweta window at the ADLER factory: 400,000 Euros for more space, highly modern technology and even better service for our customers.


ADLER window coatings are worked out in detail to be compatible with individual manufacturers and their requirements. This is how service begins at ADLER: It is the daily task of the technical service team to adjust the coat to the respective system and to provide assistance with all queries and issues that arise. The "Aweta window" is now double in size so that this team may continue to discharge its duties and do its job based on the state-of-the-art technology. After the overall modernisation programme and an investment of EUR 400,000-, ADLER has already geared up for the future.


"Our new Aweta window can reconstruct all conceivable conditions with which our customers work. Moreover, it is PLC-controlled so that we can also save the parameters of each customer trial", says Reinhard Guem happily, Manager of the Technical Application and Service Division at the ADLER paints factory. 

Reconstructing the conditions prevailing at the customer's premises begins with the new flow coating cabin, which now works both in the contact tip mode and the lance tip mode. "Thus, we can test any material in-feed speed and adapt the material accordingly", says Guem. Added to this is the fact that the new flow coating cabin now requires only 20 litres of material instead of 80 litres previously. This also means less waste and thus, working in an environment-friendly manner.

This continues with the flow zone and the dryer. "We can now moisten the discharge area of the flow coating cabin, and allow the impregnation to flow off at 90 percent atmospheric humidity, as it is done in the industry", explains the application specialist. And it ends with the dryer, which can now be adjusted to any temperature, atmospheric humidity and air speed – and all these in multiple zones so that every drying condition in practice can be reconstructed.


ADLER deploys the latest technology not only for reproducing the industrial manufacturing conditions. The spraying booth for coating by hand is a combination of dry-under-floor-booth and spraying wall. An area of 55 square metres and three spraying stations provides generous place for training and comfort to the ADLER employees while working. In addition, each of the hand spraying booths can be heated and moistened so that here, too, different conditions prevailing at the premises of our customers can be reproduced. It goes without saying that this painting booth is equipped with the most modern heat recovery system.

"The Corporate Management has invested 400,000 Euros in this highly modern application technology in order to provide a more practical service to our customers", says Reinhard Guem. He and his team vouch for this day after day.


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