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Atemschutzmaske FFA2P3D

This respirator mask offers protection against gases,

vapours and particulates according to protection class FF A2 P3 D (EN 405:2002)

up to 30 times the threshold value.




Important: The type

and concentration of the harmful substance must be known in order to be able to

determine the protection type and protection class!





Here you can find the Technical Data Sheet for this product. To receive also the Security Data Sheet it is necessary to accomplish the log-in.

(PDF | 32 KB)

Recommended for processing with ADLER solvent paints, ADLER water-thinnable paints, ADLER solvent-based stains, ADLER water-thinnable stains and ADLER window coating materials applied by spraying

ProductSize of trading unitsItem number
Atemschutzmaske FFA2P3D Gase 4255

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