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Atemschutzmaske FFP2

This respirator mask offers protection against solid,

aqueous and non-volatile liquid aerosols (particulates) according to protection

class FF P2 (EN 149: 2001) up to 10 times the threshold value.



Special features

Particle filters are made of the finest woven fabric or of nonwoven materials. Depending on the properties of the harmful substance, e.g. particle size, surface quality and density, the dust particles are deposited on the surface of the fibre by various filtration mechanisms.


Direct impact with the fibre 

Electrostatic effect between dust particles and surface of the fibre 

Brought to the surface of the fibre by the current of air


By means of the electrostatic charge of their

fibres, the smallest dust particles are separated in the particulate layer and

accumulated on the fibres.


In the coarse dust filter layer, larger

particles are mechanically prevented from penetrating into the filter material.




Important: The type and concentration of the harmful substance

must be known in order to be able to determine the protection type and

protection class!

(PDF | 32 KB)

Sanding paints, lacquers, wood, stone/quartz dust,

sanding iron/steel.

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