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Grilith Holzkitt

Grilith Holzkitt 50970 ff is a filler material based on wood flour / alkyd

resin / cellulose nitrate that contains a solvent

Application method

It should be applied using a chisel or a small quantity of the filler,

Grilith Holzkitt 50970 ff, should be applied more than once, if

required, using a little pressure at the defective spots on the

surface. When applying it more than once, please ensure that the filler

already applied has dried

properly and well. Finally, smoothen the area

that has been filled using a moist filler.

Applying two thin layers

yields better results than one thickly filled layer.

Drying time

Approx. 2 to 4 hours at room temperature, depending on the layer (coating)


(PDF | 95 KB)
Safety data sheet

Grilith Holzkitt (plastic wood) 50970 ff should be used before grinding the

wood for the first time (coarse grinding) sparingly and only for minor


defects as far as possible. The area on which the putty is applied

shall not be larger than the defective area.     

ProductSize of trading unitsItem number
Grilith Holzkitt Ahorn
Grilith Holzkitt Fichte/Birke/Esche
Grilith Holzkitt Natur
Grilith Holzkitt Kiefer
Grilith Holzkitt Eiche
Grilith Holzkitt Buche/Lärche
Grilith Holzkitt Nussbaum
Grilith Holzkitt Erle
Grilith Holzkitt Nussbaum Dunkel
Grilith Holzkitt Kirschbaum
Grilith Holzkitt Mahagoni
Grilith Holzkitt Weiß
Grilith Holzkitt Schwarz

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