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Colocryl Mix

Pigment concentrates for water-based industrial coating systems with

excellent resistance to fading, high level of accuracy in the colour

shade and colour intensity as well as high yield.

Application method

Industrial coatings blended with ADLER Colocryl Mix can be processed

and used as explained in the corresponding technical data sheet.

The product is ready to use.

(PDF | 135 KB)
Safety data sheet
blendable with

It is used for blending water-based industrial coatings with the help of

automatic batchers of the ADLERMix system.


ProductSize of trading unitsItem number
Colocryl Mix Gelb YH Gelb YH
Colocryl Mix Orange OH Orange OH
Colocryl Mix Rot RH Rot RH
Colocryl Mix Oxidrot ORH Oxidrot ORH - Fassware
Colocryl Mix Rosa MH Rosa MH - Fassware
Colocryl Mix Blau G BGH Blau G BGH
Colocryl Mix Grün GH Grün GH
Colocryl Mix Weiß WH Weiß WH - Fassware
Colocryl Mix Schwarz SH Schwarz SH - Fassware
Colocryl Mix Gelb N YN Gelb N YN - Fassware
Colocryl Mix Oxidgelb N OYN Oxidgelb N OYN - Fassware
Colocryl Mix Rot N RN Rot N RN
Colocryl Mix Oxidrot ORN Oxidrot ORN
Colocryl Mix Violett N VN Violett N VN
Colocryl Mix Blau R N BRN Blau R N BRN
Colocryl Mix Grün N GN Grün N GN
Colocryl Mix Schwarz SN Schwarz SN - Fassware
Colocryl Mix Oxidrot TOR
Colocryl Mix Oxidgelb TOY

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