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Color4You Abtönpasten

Here you can find the Technical Data Sheet for this product. To receive also the Security Data Sheet it is necessary to accomplish the log-in.

Safety data sheet
ProductSize of trading unitsItem number
Color-4You-Paste GH grün (hkz) GH grün (hkz)
Color-4You-Paste M Magenta M Magenta
Color-4You-Paste BH Blau (hkz) BH Blau (hkz)
Color-4You-Paste RI Rot (hkz) RI Rot (hkz)
Color-4You-PasteTY Troxgelb TY Troxgelb
Color-4You-Paste TR Troxrot TR Troxrot
Color-4You-Paste RL Rotorange RL Rotorange
Color-4You-Paste YH Gelb YH Gelb
Color-4You-Paste W Weiß W Weiß
Color-4You-Paste OR Oxidrot OR Oxidrot
Color-4You-Paste SN Schwarz SN schwarz (nkz)
Color-4You-Paste OH Orange OH Orange
Color-4You-Paste Y Bismutgelb Y Bismutgelb
Color-4You-Paste KB Kobaltblau KB Kobaltblau
Color-4You-Paste OS Oxidschwar OS Oxidschwarz
Color-4You-Paste OY Oxidgelb OY Oxidgelb
Color-4You-Paste KG Kobaltgrün KG Kobaltgrün
Color-4You-Paste OO Oxidorange OO Oxidorange
Color-4You-Paste AO Alkydoxidg AO Alkydoxidgelb
Color-4You-Paste AY Alkydgelb AY Alkydgelb
Color-4You-Paste AR Alkydrot AR Alkydrot
Color-4You-Paste AB Alkydblau AB Alkydblau
Color-4You-Paste AG Alkydgrün AG Alkydgrün
Color-4You-Paste AS Alkydschwa AS Alkydschwarz

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