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Pullex 3in1-Lasur

​Universal, solvent-based preservative wood glaze, free from

aromatic hydrocarbons and free from cobalt, with biocidal active

substances for wood in the exterior. Impregnation, primer coat and

topcoat all in one. With Pullex 3in1-Lasur natural, matt surfaces

with a uniform coloring can be produced. The open-porous product

is characterized by very good water protection, long durability and

uniform weathering.

Special features

  • The active substances used provide the protection required against blue stain (test conforming to EN 152-1), wooddestroying fungi (test conforming to EN 113) as well as insect infestation (test conforming to EN 46) as specified by ÖNORM B 3803 or DIN 68800-3.

Active substances (B, P, Iv)0.7 % IPBC (Iodpropinylbutylcarbamate),0.3 % Tebuconazole,0.06 % Permethrin

Application method


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Holzzaun streichen
Holzzaun streichen

For dimensionally unstable timber components in the exterior, such as e.g. wooden houses, canopies, timbering, balconies and fences in usage categories 2 and 3.

ProductSize of trading unitsItem number
Pullex 3in1-Lasur W30 Basis zum Tönen
Pullex 3in1-Lasur Eiche
Pullex 3in1-Lasur Lärche
Pullex 3in1-Lasur Kiefer
Pullex 3in1-Lasur Nuss
Pullex 3in1-Lasur Palisander

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