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Pullex Holzöl

High-binder wood oil for DIY an professional use for wood used

externally based on modified oils with very good penetration capability

and special highly-effective UV absorbers.


Special features

  • The coating is protected against blue stain and fungal decay by a biocidal active substance.

Active substance0.3 % IPBC (Iodpropinylbutylcarbamat)

Application method

Brush application, no spraying!

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  • Particularly suitable for non-dimensionally stable wooden construction elements in outdoor areas such as wooden houses, garden furniture, canopies, wooden enclosures, balconies.
  • Dimensionally stable wooden construction elements such as windows and external doors if decidedly an oiled surface is desired (coating system do not correspondent to the usual standards and directives, such as e.g. ÖNORM B 3803, ÖNORM C 2350).
  • We recommend Pullex Bodenöl 50527 ff for terrace floors and walkways.
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