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Aviva Tirokat-Color

Mineral, water-based, low-odour, very good covering

façade paint based on silicate for weather resistant coats of paint according

to DIN 18363. A bond is formed with the substrate (silicification). Aviva

Tirokat Color is non-film forming and low-stress as well as non-flammable. The

highly alkaline product has excellent water vapour permeability (sd value)

together with very good waterproofness.

Application method

brushing, rolling, Airless-spraying 0,53-0,63 mm, 150-180 bar

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blendable with

High quality façade coating 

  • for absorbent, sandy and easily chalking mineral substrates such as lime cement, cement plaster, natural stone, lime sandstone, brickwork and concrete in the outdoor area 
  • for adherent mineral old coats of paint 
  • Not suitable for use on emulsion or silicone resin coats of paint. 
  • Not suitable for horizontal areas exposed to water!
ProductSize of trading unitsItem number
Aviva Tirokat-Color W10 Weiß
Aviva Tirokat-Color W20 Basis zum Tönen
Aviva Tirokat-Color W30 Basis zum Tönen

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