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Aviva Tirosil-Weiß

Universal facade paint, colour shade White, also suitable for critical substrates such as old building fabrics

Special features

  • Characteristics in accordance with DIN EN 1062

    Gloss: matt G3

    Dry film thickness: 100 - 200 μm E3

    Maximum grain size: < 100 μm S1

    Permeable to water vapour < 0.14 (high) V1 (sd value)

    Water permeability (w value) < 0.1 kg/(m²×h0.5) W3 (low)

Application method

Using a brush, roller brush application, Airless (0,66–0,79 mm spray nozzle, 150-180 bar)

(PDF | 295 KB)
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Universal facade coating for

  • mineral substrates,
  • adhesive old coats, old building fabrics,
  • Rough, spray and resin plasters

Not suitable for horizontal surfaces exposed to water!

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Aviva Tirosil-Weiß

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