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Aquawood Ligno+Base

Water-thinnable wood preservation impregnation for industry and trade based on special alkyd / acrylic emulsions for softwood (coniferous wood). Only usable in the highly transparent coating system with Aquawood Ligno+ Sealer / Aquawood Ligno+ Top!

Special features

Contains effective screening agents for the absorption of UV radiation

and the stabilisation of the wood component lignin on a nanoscalic

basis. Thus, the natural wood colour on softwood is stabilised for a

considerably longer time in the course of weathering than so far.


The agent used gives the protection from blueing (inspection according

to EN 152-1) and lignivorous fungi (inspection according to EN 113)

required in accordance with ÖNORM B 3803 and/or DIN 68800-3.


Quantity applied during the conformity testing of the coating system: Impregnation 120 g/m2 / intermediate coating 100 g/m2




Active substances (B, P)


0.80 % IPBC (iodine propionyl butyl carbamate) 0.40 % Tebuconazole

Application method

Short immersion, flow coating, not spraying!

In case the product is sprayed in exceptional cases, please use a respirator A2/P3.

(PDF | 331 KB)
Safety data sheet

Windows, external doors made of softwood in the hazard category (category of use) 3.


Not effective on coloured hardwood species such as meranti, mahogany etc.

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Aquawood Ligno+ Base
Aquawood Ligno+ Base Eiche Natur

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