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Pullex Silverwood

Solvant-based impregnation for wood in the exterior, with old wood character, for Do-it-yourself and professional use.


solvants, but no aromatic hydrocarbons. On weathering, the special

pigmentation produces a silvery patina effect. Presents a natural,

open-pored effect which does not flake off with weathering.

Special features

Protects preventively against blue stains and wood-destroying mould and against




Active substances: (B, P, Iv)

0,3% Iodcarbamat

0,9% Propiconazol

0,05 % Permethrin


Application method

​By brush; no spraying!

Adler TV
Pullex Silverwood: Effekt-Holzlasur für den Außenbereich
Pullex Silverwood: Effekt-Holzlasur für den Außenbereich

Wooden elements without stable dimensions in the exterior like wooden

houses, canopies, panels, fences etc. Roughsawn, brushed and chopped

coniferous wood is particularly suitable for a distinctive rustic


ProductSize of trading unitsItem number
Pullex Silverwood Altgrau
Pullex Silverwood Farblos
Pullex Silverwood Silber
Pullex Silverwood Graualuminium
Pullex Silverwood Fichte Hell Geflämmt

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