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Aqua-Mira CFB

Water-thinnable and thixotropic clear coat for wood based on self-crosslinking polyacrylate emulsions.

It can be applied coat on coat; it provides very good grain accentuation and transparency as well as extremely high filling capacity; excellent resistance to cream and grease (CFB); offers good resistance to chemical reactions and mechanical stresses; good light fastness; excellent firmness on vertical surfaces.

Special features

ADLER Aqua-Mira CFB 30471 ff contains a special UV filter shielding it from the impact of light, and this protects the wood substrate and stains used on it, if any, from premature yellowing or fading.

Application method

​Airless / Air mix spraying (0.23 – 0.33 mm nozzle, 100 - 120 bar / 60 - 90 bar, 1 - 2 bar) – undiluted

Compressed-air spraying (2 mm nozzle, 2.5 - 3.5 bar) Approx. 5 % water

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Safety data sheet

For open-pored and close-pored coating of furniture and indoor extensions (Areas of application III to IV in accordance with ÖNORM A 1610-12) e.g. for living and bedroom furnishings etc.

Highly suitable for coating chairs and other standing pieces of furniture or for objects, which require excellent resistance to creams and grease. For highly non-inflammable or flame-retardant structures.

ADLER Aqua-Mira 30471 ff has some of its own colour, which can possibly interfere with light shades of stains. It is not suitable for applying as the topcoat on pigmented furniture surfaces.

ProductSize of trading unitsItem number
Aqua-Mira CFB G5
Aqua-Mira CFB G10
Aqua-Mira CFB G30
Aqua-Mira CFB G50
Aqua-Mira CFB G70

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