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ADLER CLEAN Parkettpflege 42199 creates a thin, resistant protective film with an even satin gloss effect.

Special features

Very good resistance against abrasion, water and household-chemicals. Simple application.

Application method

Wet a cloth with ADLER CLEAN Parkettreiniger 42198 and clean the floor (see the Technical Information Sheet).


Maintenance of an intact floor: Add 10% of ADLER Clean Parkettpflege into the water and apply evenly with the cloth contained in the set.


Maintenance of old, worn out floors: apply 1-2x (1 part ADLER CLEAN Parkettpflege + 1 part water), use the cloth contained in the set.


Damaged surfaces

can not be readjusted only by applying ADLER CLEAN Parkettpflege. Such

floors must be grinded. After that apply a new cycle of the sealing



Shake well before using!


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ADLER CLEAN Parkettpflege 42199 is suitable for refreshing and

preservation of all kinds of floor of following materials: wood,

laminate, cork or PVC.

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