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Alkyd-Grund Weiß

Full-bodied primer on the basis of special synthetic resins having broad-based usage

Special features

  • Excellent insulation effect of discolouring wood components and dried-up water spots
  • Also for internal use on small areas for insulating nicotine stains.
  • Very good grindability
  • High elasticity and filling power
  • Excellent processing and flow

Application method

Smearing, applying with a roller brush and spraying


Spraying is permitted only in spraying booths, which are subject to the VOC guidelines.

(PDF | 273 KB)
Safety data sheet
blendable with
  • Wood for internal and external use
  • Hard PVC
  • Iron and steel for internal use - It cannot be applied directly on zinc and aluminium (use Aqua-Multiprimer 41095 ff, ADLER 2K-Epoxi-Grund 68304 or ADLER Unigrund 54065 ff).
ProductSize of trading unitsItem number
Alkyd-Grund W10 Weiß, tönbar

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