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Basecoat and topcoat based on special synthetic resins having excellent anti-corrosion properties; free of aromatic hydrocarbons; no additional prime coat required; can withstand residual rust. Excellent weathering resistance.

Special features

Environmental-friendly owing to higher solid content and white spirits

free of aromatic hydrocarbons as the solvent.


Application method

Smearing, applying with a roller brush and spraying. Spraying is permitted only in spraying booths, which are sub-ject to the VOC guidelines.

Decorative protective coat for iron, steel, zinc and aluminium. For tin

roofs qand steel constructions exposed to harsh weather conditions,

please use Ferro GSX!

ProductSize of trading unitsItem number
Ferrocolor W10 Weiß, tönbar
Ferrocolor W20 Basis zum Tönen
Ferrocolor W30 Basis zum Tönen
Ferrocolor Basisgelb
Ferrocolor Basisrot
Ferrocolor RAL6005
Ferrocolor RAL9005

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