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Universally usable, satin gloss, solvent-based synthetic resin topcoat (conforms to VOC Decopaint 2010) with good resistance to weathering and yellowing. The product is characterized by quick drying, good degree of scratch-resistance, high level of covering and filling power as well as optimal spreading and good sag resistance. Environmental-friendly owing to higher solid content and non-aromatic white spirits as the solvent; low-odour.

Application method

Brush, roller, spray


Spraying is permitted only in spraying booths that are subject to the VOC directives.

Topcoats outdoor and indoor on wood and metal.


Do not apply this solvent-based coating on the inner surfaces of furniture and cabinets on account of possible odours.


ProductSize of trading unitsItem number
Samtalkyd W10 Weiß, tönbar
Samtalkyd W20 Basis zum Tönen
Samtalkyd W30 Basis zum Tönen
Samtalkyd Basisgelb
Samtalkyd Basisrot

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