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Specialised products for your industrial company

The demands made on a coating system for use on windows, doors, kitchens, furniture or the parquet industry vary sometimes considerably between artisans and those in the industry. This is particularly noticeable in various processing and drying systems, which are used for series manufacture in the industry.


In order to do justice to these requirements, ADLER embarked on the research and development of special coating systems for industrial applications many decades ago. Thanks to all these years of experience, serious commitment and continuous advanced development, ADLER sets technological benchmarks today with a wide variety of product groups such as Aquawood, Lignovit, Protor, Aqualux, UV-AC Walzlacken, and many more.


All these ADLER products, however, have one thing in common, premium quality – in terms of the product, processing and surface finish. In the process, it does not matter whether the application is done using spray coating, roller coating, Vacuumat®, immersion coating or flow coating – ADLER is always there with the perfect systems as a competent partner. Efficient solutions are formulated even with the substrates that are most difficult to handle.


Owing to the diverse products and various settings and adjustments for the given needs, you will not find these products in our standard product catalogue. For comprehensive and customised advice, you can contact us at any time.


  • Comprehensive product range from a single source
  • High-quality, innovative and low-emission paints, varnishes and glaze finishes
  • Pioneer and competency leader in water-based paints
  • Optimal solutions for any form of application and on any substrate
  • Compliance with the most stringent norms and standards
  • Fast and efficient application with short drying or turnaround times
  • Excellent resistance and durability of the coatings by using the latest technologies

…and the matching Premium Service is included at ADLER.

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