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ADLER Bleichaktivator 82490 is used together with hydrogen peroxide instead of ammonia for activating the bleaching reaction (the release of oxygen from the peroxide). This product is odorless and it ensures that the hydrogen peroxide is completely decomposed (and does not lead to any later damage such as cracking in the varnish coat).


The boiling phenomena which are well known when using ammonia do not occur in the mixing of hydrogen peroxide / bleach activator. This bleach solution is active to its full effective extent for about 1 hour.

Application method

With a brush; do not use a metall brush. Applicate the bleach solution

abbondant (approx. 60 - 70 g/m²) on the sanded (gran. 150 - 180)

surface. A sharp sanding is a condition for an even look.

(PDF | 87 KB)
Safety data sheet

For production of a bleach solution

  • for the types of wood like maple, beech, birch or cherry
  • diluted bleach solutions can be used in order to achieve a matching of the wood grain for dark woods such as walnut.

Not suitable for bleaching of oak!

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