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Solvent-based colorant concentrates with good light-fastness and high brilliance.


All concentrates of this range can be mixed with one another in any ratio, so that a wide color spectrum range can be achieved.

Application method

When coating natural surfaces or very light stained substrates, an addition of 0.1-1.0 percent in weight to the topcoat is recommended.


With dark woods and dark stained surfaces the quantity added may be increased to up to 5 percent in weight.

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Safety data sheet

For tinting solvent-based coatings for furniture and indoor surfaces,

  • when uniformly transparent colors without prior staining of the wood are to be achieved (e.g. cherry, beech, pear, alder, maple etc.)
  • when the selected color on stained surfaces is to be deepened or slightly changed.
ProductSize of trading unitsItem number
Solva-Tint Buche Rose
Solva-Tint Eiche Gold
Solva-Tint Kirsch
Solva-Tint Elsbeere
Solva-Tint Erle
Solva-Tint Buche
Solva-Tint Nuss Hell
Solva-Tint Ulme
Solva-Tint Nuss Dunkel
Solva-Tint Orange
Solva-Tint Weinrot
Solva-Tint Olivgrün
Solva-Tint Schwarz
Solva-Tint Weiß
Solva-Tint Cremeweiß
Solva-Tint Apricot
Solva-Tint Caramel
Solva-Tint Blau

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