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Colourless, solvent-based basic stain for mixing patina

stains. By mixing with the ADLER Solva-Tint dye concentrates 89601 ff as a

colouring component, the desired colours can easily be produced.

Special features

The patina stains produced with ADLER Patina Farblos 10310 are suitable both for patinating water-based paint and solvent-based paint surfaces.

Application method

by compressed air spraying (0.8 - 1.2 mm nozzle, 2-4



- Spray on patina stain in a flowing manner.

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Safety data sheet

Colourless basic stain for mixing with ADLER Solva-Tint

89601 ff to produce patina stains: 


to achieve effects such as ageing

effects to equalise colour differences when painting furniture and interior


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Patina-Beize Farblos

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